Hong Kong Banks' Branches and ATMs in Articles

Should you re-finance your home mortgage?

Should you refinance your mortgage? This is a question so many people in Hong Kong are asking themselves as interest rates continue to hover at all-time lows. While mortgage rates are at an all-time low that does not certainly mean that everybody with a mortgage should refinance. However, for the majority of homeowners now is the best time ever to take advantage of current interest rates and lock in a lower monthly payment on a mortgage.

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Top 5 most awarded online loans in Hong Kong

Online loans have become increasingly popular in Hong Kong today as an easy, uncomplicated and relatively straightforward way to apply for a loan from any number of financial institutes and lenders, all from the comfort of your own home. Online loans can be directly between one borrower and one lender, which are typically applied for right on the financial companies website through a secured server. There are also online loan companies that take your information and then offer your loan to tens or possibly hundreds of different lenders that can then make an offer of a loan or pass on the loan, where they earn a part of the interest borrowers pay with. Read more »

How to Secure Your Online Purchases With Virtual Credit Card, Free

Virtual credit cards are free in hong kongAre you concerned that your credit card numbers could be stolen when you make an online purchase? If that’s a yes, you could get a virtual credit card free from your bank and they are designed for online purchases. They are simply a set of single-use credit card numbers specifically for online purchases.

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ATM Near Me in Hong Kong

ATM Near Me Hong KongNeed an ATM in Hong Kong? You have just gone out shopping with your family, and you suddenly run out of money. You are going to require more cash quickly to continue your shopping.  On the other hand, you could be dining out at a fancy restaurant in the city centre of Hong Kong and your bill is more than you anticipated. These are reasons to why you are going to need an ATM quick. So where are the nearest where you are?

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Nearest ATM in Kowloon

Where’s the nearest ATM in Kowloon?

Hang Seng ATM KowloonYou have just arrived in Kowloon, but you realise you need an ATM because you are short on cash. There is no reason to worry because this situation happens to many people in Hong Kong. This is one of the main reasons to why there are so many ATMs in Kowloon. Below I am going to detail three of those ATMs within Kowloon, so if you are ever stuck for cash, you can get emergency money quickly from one of these ATMs. The three ATMs I will be discussing will be from the same bank which is the Hang Seng Bank. This is because this bank is very common in Hong Kong, so a lot of people use this bank for the convenience. Read more »

ATMs in and around Hong Kong City Airport

Finding the closest ATM for travellers

Are you travelling to Hong Kong City Airport and you realise that you need an ATM to buy your lunch while waiting for your plane? On the other hand, maybe you just got off your flight, and you need to get money quickly, so you are able to pay a taxi to drive you home from the airport. These are two very popular reasons to why people use ATMs when they are at an airport. Below I am going to detail three ATMs that are in or around the Hong Kong City Airport.

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Exchanging currency in Hong Kong

Do you want to exchange currency the right way when you’re in Hong Kong?

What to look out for when exchanging your currency

Whether you are going on a holiday abroad or just need some currency exchanged for whatever reason you need to be careful to where you exchange it. What I mean by this is that sometimes if you exchange money with anywhere other than a bank or post office in Hong Kong, you may be getting ripped off. These people can rip you off by having/adding a sneaky commission fee on each exchange, or they may even have terrible exchange rates in which they are actually taking advantage of you.  A place that is infamous for doing these shenanigans is at an airport in Hong Kong or even the world. Read more »

Citibank Online and Mobile Banking Services in Hong Kong

Citibank Online and Mobile Banking Services in Hong Kong

Citibank is currently one of the global leaders in the banking industry. Citibank Hong Kong serves clients in 48 branches spread between Macau, Kowloon, New Territories and Hong Kong Island. Read more »

HSBC Online and Mobile Banking Services in Hong Kong

HSBC Online and Mobile Banking Services in Hong Kong

HSBC Hong Kong, known in full as the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Group, is the founding member of the HSBC global group of banks. The bank was established in 1865 to facilitate and encourage trading between Hong Kong and Europe. Today, it stands as the biggest incorporated bank in Hong Kong. Read more »

How to Open an Account and Get a Credit Card in Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong

How to Open an Account and Get a Credit Card in Standard Chartered Bank Hong KongIn Hong Kong, the SC bank offers different account options like Integrated Deposit account, Current accounts (in HKD and foreign currency), Savings accounts (also in HKD and foreign currency), time deposits and other few options. Read more »