ATM Near Me in Hong Kong

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ATM Near Me Hong KongNeed an ATM in Hong Kong? You have just gone out shopping with your family, and you suddenly run out of money. You are going to require more cash quickly to continue your shopping.  On the other hand, you could be dining out at a fancy restaurant in the city centre of Hong Kong and your bill is more than you anticipated. These are reasons to why you are going to need an ATM quick. So where are the nearest where you are?

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HSBC ATM Hong Kong

This cashpoint is located at, Hong Kong, Sha Tin, Wo Che Estate212. The ATM itself is very close to the Lung Wai Hotel, so if you are ever in need of money you can just walk a few minutes from the hotel, and you will be able to get your cash. The ATM is for customers of The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. This bank is the largest bank in Hong Kong, and it has branches all throughout Asia. It is also important to say that this ATM is close to the popular Yuen Wo Playground. This means that if you are playing with your child at the park and you need money quickly all you have to do is walk a few minutes from the park so you can get your emergency cash.

HSBC ATM Shatin Plaza Branch

This cashpoint is located at Shatin Centre Shopping Arcade. This is great news for shoppers at this shopping mall as it means that if you have run out of cash, you can quickly run to the ATM to continue your shopping. Let’s be honest, this situation happens to all of us, we see a brand new product we have to buy, but we have already spent all of our cash. This is the main reason why ATMs are in shopping centres as the shopping mall capitalises on the impulse buys of many customers.  The ATM itself is for clients of the HSBC bank, and this is perfect for tourists because this bank has customers from all around the world. For example, this means that if you are from France and you are a client of this bank you can use this ATM. This is because you are still a member of that bank even though you are from another country.


Bank of China (Hong Kong) ATM

The final ATM in the city centre of Hong Kong that I am going to talk about is located at, ATM1, 2/F, Mei Lam Shopping Centre, Tai Wai, Shatin, Hong Kong. This is great as if you need to purchase an item in a shopping centre, but you do not have enough funds you can run to an ATM in the shopping centre to get the sufficient funds to buy that item. The ATM is from the Bank of China, and this is great news as it is the second largest banking group in all of Hong Kong. This means that many people within Hong Kong are customers of this bank.  Overall, by this bank having an ATM within that shopping centre, it will be beneficial to many people within that shopping centre as by that bank being so popular many people can take money out of that ATM.


The conclusion of this blog post would be that it is very beneficial for the population of Hong Kong to have ATMs located all around the city centre.  This is because the city centre in Hong Kong is usually busy especially on the weekends. The reason for this is because the schools are closed and many people are off from their jobs, so they are going to want to spend their off day shopping in the city centre of Hong Kong. By all of these people buying items they will usually run out of money quick so by having ATMs situated all around the city centre of Hong Kong, these people will be able to continue shopping on their day off.


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