ATMs in and around Hong Kong City Airport

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Finding the closest ATM for travellers

Are you travelling to Hong Kong City Airport and you realise that you need an ATM to buy your lunch while waiting for your plane? On the other hand, maybe you just got off your flight, and you need to get money quickly, so you are able to pay a taxi to drive you home from the airport. These are two very popular reasons to why people use ATMs when they are at an airport. Below I am going to detail three ATMs that are in or around the Hong Kong City Airport.

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The first ATM that I am going to talk about is from the banking group HSBC; this means only customers of this bank can use this ATM. It is important to include that the ATM itself is open for twenty-four hours a day. This is great news as by this bank being open all day and all night it means that if a traveller has realised they don’t have enough money to buy a plane ticket they can quickly visit an ATM at any time. This will then allow the customer of the airport to purchase the ticket they urgently need which will enable them to get into the aeroplane so they can continue with their journey. This will be not only beneficial for the customer but also for the airport itself. What I mean by this is that by the client now being able to purchase a plane ticket they will now be able to give the airport their money as the airport is not having an empty seat on the aircraft. Overall, it is great that this HSBC ATM is open all the time as it is ideal for the customer who urgently needs money and the airport itself as they are actually making more money.

Bank of China ATM

The next ATM that I am going to talk about is from the Bank of China. This bank is very popular in Hong Kong as it is the second largest commercial bank in all of Hong Kong. A feature of this bank is that it is open for twenty-four hours a day, which of course is great as you can use this ATM at any time. It is vital that they put an ATM from this bank in the airport as I said before it is the second most popular bank in all of Hong Kong. For example, this bank alone has over three hundred branches in Hong Kong, so it just shows that many people who go to this airport will be members of this bank. This is great as say someone has accidentally gone over the weight limit with his or her luggage and he or she suddenly now have to spend money for a situation they were not prepared for. This means that this passenger is likely to be a member of a bank as famous as this one, so they will then be able to visit the ATM and get money to pay for the extra weight fee.

Hang Seng Bank ATM

The final ATM that I am going to be talking about is an ATM from the Hang Seng Bank. This ATM is different from the two above location wise as it actually isn’t in the airport itself, but it is at the Regal Airport Hotel. The exact location of this ATM is,” Hong Kong, 2/F, Regal Airport Hotel,” and it is open for twenty-four hours a day. It is great that the ATM in the hotel is open 24/7 as there will obviously be people on holidays or visiting family staying at that hotel as it is right beside the airport. This means when the individuals who are visiting their family in Hong Kong need to get money quickly they can go down to the ATM to get as much money as the want from that ATM.

My conclusion to this blog post is that it is critical to have ATMs all around an airport in Hong Kong. The reason I say this is because people will need money quickly when they are leaving or visiting an airport. They will need an ATM when they are visiting an airport because as I mentioned above, sometimes their luggage will weigh more than the luggage weight that is allowed on the plane. This means that they will need to pay a fee, so they can then run to an ATM to get the money to pay the baggage fee. On the other hand, if someone is leaving an airport they will often need money quickly to get a taxi home from the terminal. This is why an ATM should be there at the terminal so they can get the cash to pay the cab driver.

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