How to Secure Your Online Purchases With Virtual Credit Card, Free

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Virtual credit cards are free in hong kongAre you concerned that your credit card numbers could be stolen when you make an online purchase? If that’s a yes, you could get a virtual credit card free from your bank and they are designed for online purchases. They are simply a set of single-use credit card numbers specifically for online purchases.

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What is a virtual credit card?

Let’s be honest here, some of you will know what a virtual credit card is, and some of you will have no clue what one of these cards are. Well, a definition of a virtual credit card would be that it is just an online credit card in which you can make a purchase online. This means that you can pay for goods online by just typing in your credit card number. There are services such as E-bay where you can type in your credit card number, and this can result in you buying things online while using your credit card.

Benefits of a virtual credit card in Hong Kong

You may be wondering to yourself about what the benefits are of owning a virtual credit card. Well, the first benefit of owning a virtual credit card in Hong Kong is that they have lots of security. What I mean by this is that if you go into a shop and you pay with a card, there is a chance that the card machine could be hacked. This is because some hacker could hack into the card machine with encryption software and this means that they will have the details of your credit card. This is not good as it means these hackers can now make purchases using your credit cards. This is why virtual credit cards are so good as if you use a single use virtual credit card it means that your number will only be valid for that purchase. This means that this credit card pin will be invalid after the purchase has been completed, so if hackers somehow get a hold of the pin it will not matter as the transaction has been made, so the pin/ card number is invalid.

The second benefit of owning a virtual credit card would be that you can basically use a virtual card for anything online. This means the second advantage I will be talking about will be about how versatile a virtual credit card actually is. By having a virtual card, it means that you can buy anything from travel tickets to a concert ticket to see your favourite band live. In my opinion, this is the best benefit of owning a virtual credit card as if you are stuck for cash and you urgently need to purchase anything online you can use the virtual credit card to avoid a sudden disaster.

How to get a virtual credit card in Hong Kong

You have just read some of the benefits of owning virtual credit cards, and you are probably now wondering to yourself how you are actually able to obtain a virtual credit card. Well, first things first if you want to own any type of credit card in Hong Kong you must be at least eighteen years of age. Now once you are above this age, you can apply for a credit card, and there are some details you must include in this application for you to be approved. An example of a few questions would be what your yearly salary is, and another question would be asking if you support anyone in your household. Once you fill out all this personal/financial information, you must wait a few weeks until you hear back from the Hong Kong bank to see if your application has been approved for a credit card.

Once you get accepted for the credit card, you will then get your card along with your credit card number. This will allow you to use your credit card online to purchase a wide variety of items and services.

Top Hong Kong banks offering virtual credit cards

You have just read all of the information above, and now you are probably asking yourself what banks in Hong Kong are offering a virtual credit card? Well, the first bank I will be talking about will be the most popular bank in Hong Kong which is called, “Public Bank (Hong Kong) Aberdeen Branch.” This bank is located at,” Sha Tin, Hong Kong,” and by it being so popular it has its own website. This is great as you will be able to look on the website to find out what you need to do to apply for a virtual credit card with that particular bank. All you need to do is request a virtual credit card, and once this bank accepts your application, you will have a virtual credit card that you can use online.

The other bank in which I am going to be talking about is the bank that is the closest to the Hong Kong International Airport. I know I have said before to avoid airport banks, but by this bank being a few minutes away from the airport, it makes all the difference when it comes to rates and fees within a bank. The general location of this bank is around, “ Tung Chung, Hong Kong,” and this means if you are picking someone up at the airport all you have to do is drive there to apply for the virtual credit card . On the other hand, you can visit their website and just apply for the virtual credit card online.

My conclusion to this blog post is that in Hong Kong it can be very beneficial to own a virtual credit card. The most important reason to own a virtual credit card is that if you need to order something that you cannot buy anywhere around you locally you can order it online and be able to pay for it with your virtual credit card. This means that say you needed to order a certain medication online that is not available in Hong Kong you would be able to pay with it online with your virtual credit card.

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